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Mediterranean Kale Cabbage Quinoa
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian

1/2 c sliced cabbage
1 chopped shallot
1/2 c red onions
1 c quinoa
3 tbs braggs liquid aminos
pinch cayenne pepper
1 cucumber
1 stem kale
1 bulb green pepper
2 tbs olive oil


1. heat up olive oil in a pan
2. when slightly hot toss in your shallot, onions, sliced green pepper and cabbage
3. allow to stir fry and spritz in your liquid aminos, add in pinch of cayenne
4. keep stirring and finally add in your kale towards the end.
5. you want to maintain the crunch on the kale, so don't leave too long frying jut give it a good mix

Quinoa Preparation
1. Rinse Quinoa to remove occurring bitter tasting of saponins that remain after processing
2. for 1 cup Quinoa do 1 cup of water
3. Bring water to a simmer and add in rinsed quinoa
4. after 15-20 minutes Quinoa will be ready and will look fluffy.

Serving: serves 2 -3
Plate quinoa in the middle if the dish and dress the stir-fried cabbage kale mix around the side if the quinoa. Top with sliced cucumbers. Enjoy!

Submitted By:Adedayo Fashanu